about Hans DG7PE

As most already know, I am native Dutchman. I was born in Voorhout Zuidholland.
Here I made acquaintance with the amateur radio in recent years already.
It lived a radio amateur diagonally opposite in our road.
So I heard  already  as a Kid  CQ calls etc. from our tube radio.
At the age of 8 years I got this old radio, since my parents had television . Soon my first current impact (plug and plug socket without grounding and with long open plug contacts) followed. My result: That made the factory wrong!!!
After my Repair  l listened  again and again on the amateur bands. I also got Scheveningen radio (after i tuned the Radio just outside the medium wave band )and its telephone contact to the ships on the open sea .
I was surprised, of the large distance you could hear them.
A friend and a schoolmate of me, pe1ccg Theo, made later with approximately 18 years the C-license.
I got also in  the training, but it became to heavy with the vector diagrams for me.
I jumped off did my school and became fitter for the installation of high power current.
I heard still much radio and sent away meanwhile also hearing reports.
Then family meeting and I have to stay out , They will call me in . And what was wrong ?!
It  arrived  a QSL card  and a info post from  radio Berlin international.
My uncle (native from  from Cologne) had seen the post   which lay ed on
the kitchen table and he became  frightened: "that is dangerous " They try to make a spy of him , Then he  made a family meeting .That did not interest me and continued I as a radio listener and i was happy with the qsl card i received.
About 2 years later I lived on my own in Noordwijk aan Zee and had a very large 3m antenna of Stolle at the coast in 12 m height with preamplifier and a very good radio of Erres. In this time I received WNEW on 102.7 MHz and received also a QSL map. Now I was sure ! I become radio amateur!!!
It came different , i met a girl and i went to Germany .For a long time i did nothing with Radio reception After some years and constant reading of the radio examination book (during  the work), my friends who were already radio amateurs made a arrangement for the examination .
 "you know it anyway but now you have to do it ". I past the examination immediately and got my  call signal dg7pe now i was standby on FM and SSB on 2M and 70 Cm .
They changed the Law and now I was allowed   to become active on shortwave.
I bought a 706mk2g in Weinheim and build a long wire antenna.
 Sometime I wanted to be QRV in the Car and i search for wide-band KW antennas (a tuner I had already). When I saw  the horror prices, I
imagined: "i build the thing cheaper" and so i developed the  multiband KW mobile antenna .

Hans (dg7pe)

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