Multiband HF antenna 6 to 80 Meter.


The now legendary Multilband HF antenna designed by DG7PE needs a tuner (or a 9:1 UNUN balun) to function correctly on all bands between 6 to 80 Meter. Used correctly it will perform with very good results. We have tested the Multiband HF antenna with the following automatic antennatuners : AH4, SGC-230, SGC-239, SGC-235, CG-2000, CG-3000 and the following transceivers with builtin tuners: QRP-Trcvr ´KX1`, Icom IC-703 & IC-7400, but it should work with most others aswell.

"Antenna in action"


  • low price
  • Overall length of approx. 2.62 meters (2-parts) / 1.31 - 3.83 meters (3-parts)
  • Spilts into 2 or 3pieces for easy storage
  • No adjustments needed to the antenna (specially good while driving)
  • Special design allowing functionallity on all bands 80-6m (depending on model) with tuner or balun
  • 3/8 mount (DV-adapter & PL259 as option)
  • Power rating . max. 250 Watt SSB
  • Can be used together with a special 9:1 UNUN balun (now availble) as a base antenna, but sometimes you also need a ferrite toroid for a better SWR.
  • Vertical polarization
  • Low angle take off on the higher bands (Better DX)

Advantages of the innovation

Since 2008 each part of the antenna is produced in Germany. Each connector is now in 3/8 and pure brass , that is why we were able to produce a 3-parts antenna. The outcome of this are further advantages:
  • The size of each element of the 3-parts antenna is less than 1 meter
  • Better radiation on 80 and 40 meter with the 3-parts version
  • The 3-parts antenna can be used also only with 2 parts for 6 to 40 meters
  • The top part of the 3-parts and 2-parts antenna can be used also for 6 and 10 meters

"Internal view of the antenna wire & coils"

Some results

10 meters up to 80 meters: 5x Sm 6xLa 11xOz 4xOn 10xG 15xLx 10xFr 22xIT 12xEA 8x Pa 7xOe 2xCt 5xOk 3x SN 3xEi. Furthermore Israel, North America, Australia VK7b (S5 on 20 meters), Beirut - Lebanon (on 40 meters with 5-9), South Africa, Sapporo - Japan (with S5 on 20 meters). In addition: 15. December. 2005 15,00 of our time on 20m Minsk with 5-9 and Alabama with 3,5 while driving. On 16.12.04 mobile qrp with IZ7ECB on 20m with 5-7.

These QSO´s (contacts) took place all during travels in the Dahner rock area under difficult conditions, so in an area with many medium high mountains (approx. 300-500 m above sealevel) and during sunspot minimum.


2-parts version with new connectors

3-parts version

"All models are also availble in white"

Sneak preview of the new shorter version and 9:1 (unun) balun mount!!!

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