Example of permantent installation (Courtesy of DF9IV)

Report from DF9IV:

We hope you enjoy taking a look at this report on the aerial - it's always good to see how other enthusiasts have set up their equipment and it helps us develop better ways to receive good signals as a community. We talk to people from incredible distances, and with aerials like this one being constructed all the time, things can only get better and more efficient.

So if you're considering this antenna or a similar set-up, then I'd say read through what I've made of it so far, but so far so good. Whether you're about to invest in a new aerial or you're browsing potential ideas as you buy O2 Mobile Broadband as a digital alternative to radio communication, I hope this test has helped clear up and questions people may have about this particular piece of equipment.

Today I have done the first Tests with your antenna. The antenna was mounted on a 1.8mtr wooden pole. The antenna base was connected direct onto the 1:9 Balun. We connected the 7.8mtr radial to the base and ran it, on a 105 degree angle, to the ground. We connected the QRP-Transceiver "KX1" via a very long RG58 cable and used the built in tuner from KX1 to run on 80, 40, 30 and 20mtrs. On all of these mentioned bands the SWR was very good. 1.0-1.1-1.0 and 1.2. We heard many stations but there was no time to run long Qso's. During our holidays we will give your antenna en extensive test, but we are very confident. In October you will receive a second test report including a list of worked stations. Now some quick made photo's of the temporary antenna installation.


Gerd DF9IV

Balcony Installation without Balun (Courtesy of SM7RYR)


Received the antenna the day before yesterday. It works very well. Much better than the antenna I used before on my balcony (2.7m with 1:9 unun SM0TSC remark). As well better than my 80m, 40 and 20m mobile whips. It works excellent on 80m which is my preferred band. Yesterday I managed qso with USA on 20m with 5w (I use only QRP)

I wiil continue testing a little bit longer. See the picture how i mounted this nice antenna.

I am using some wire for radial, I live on the 5th floor (20m AGL), I will soon move to 6th fllor(25m AGL). I then will try to see if I can have the antenna on my in glassed balcony.

You need to see the opportunities and not the obstacles when you only can use low power and small antennas


Roger (SM7RYR)


Mails / Comments from clients

"I am very satisfied. It's a real Universal antenna. 73 de DG1IHH Horst."

"Hello DG7PE, i have connected the antenna to a 1 to 9 Balun. Mounted it on an old CBmount and the antenna works great. From 10 to 40 super and even tunable on 80mtrs.  Best regards Thomas"  

"Hi DG7PE, I have finally mounted the antenna and am impressed by its receiving performance. The receive performance is much better than i actually expected. Best Regards from Mödling near Vienna. Norbert OE3NKA"


QSLcards recived by DG7PE and SM0TSC using the antenna

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